geotehnički studio

Investigation, design, consulting

About us

Geotechnical Studio Ltd. was established on 22.02.1990. Since its foundation, the company has developed and operated continuously.

In the last 24 years of its existence and work, it became a company that by measurable business indicators successfully meets the interests of the client, employees, subcontractors and its owners.

Starting with only one employee in 1990, today we have grown into a company with a total of 43 employees, most of them holding university degrees, specialized in geotechnical investigation activities which include in situ tests and laboratory testing, geotechnical design, geotechnical supervision, consulting, monitoring. In addition to these activities the company performs works in environmental protection.

In the past period, from its foundation until today, we faced turbulent events, through which we grew and learned about ourselves and about the world around us. There was hardly a period in which we didn’t have to put additional efforts in order to adapt to the requirements of a specific time period. Despite all the challenges, Geotehnički studio has managed to successfully overcome the challenges, achieve personnel continuity and carry out generational management changes, started transformations promising successful managing and continuation of business in the new circumstances.

Looking back, we have had a great number of successful geotechnical projects - complex geotechnical investigation projects, foundation projects for the most complex structures, landslides remediation projects, retaining structures, linear structures, hydrotechnical structures, and soil improvement projects - part of which were performed in Croatia, and part on the international markets.
In addition to the successfully completed projects, we carried out a number of consulting works, supervision works, professional reviews of projects and validation. In the field of environmental protection, we carried out a series of projects involving field investigations with preparation of corresponding studies/reports and remediation programs.

We believe that by intense investment in new knowledge, in development of new technologies, implementation of new work processes, by improvement of the acquired knowledge through seminars and trainings, masters and PhD’s and with continued cooperation with institutions of higher education and institutes, quality partners and clients, while simultaneously achieving employee satisfaction, we will be able to keep the progress trend in the future and to solve the most demanding tasks.
In that sense, one of the key tasks is to continue expansion of activities in the region, as well as more distant business destinations outside of Croatia.

For the past twenty four years of business, Geotehnički studio despite even difficult times, is characterized by some constants. Among the most important are the quality and professional work, high social sensitivity, concern for the safe work of employees and committed dedication to development and continuous improvement of the company.

We strongly believe described mode of work and quality is our guarantee for a successful future!